We can help with various tasks to make your life easier.  Have a look at the list below and contact us for more information.  Our prices vary depending on the job and what’s involved, but quotes are based on a rate of £20 per hour:

  • Dealing with contractors, deliveries or repairs in the home – we can provide quotes for local contractors based on your needs, arrange dates and be at your home or place of work whilst any work or deliveries are completed
  • Party and event management – we can contact venues for availability and quotes, arrange any catering, entertainment or anything else to help your event run smoothly
  • Utilities and insurance renewals – tell us what you currently pay and see if we can reduce your monthly or annual payments and save you some money
  • Paperwork and administration – we can help with one-off or regular household administration work, so if you need your filing system re-organising, or some regular office support, we can help
  • Reservations – we can help you with any type of reservations, including hotels, restaurants, cinema or concert tickets
  • Travel booking – we can provide you with quotes or travel alternatives.  We can also help you book your next holiday be researching your travel plans and providing you with a list of options and prices
  • Internet support – we offer support for those who are not familiar with using the internet.  We also offer a virtual assistant service which allows us to work remotely on your behalf
  • Online shopping – we can set you up a regular weekly food shop, or search for specific items such as wedding or birthday gifts and arrange delivery at a time to suit you
  • Benefit advice – we can have a look into any benefits or financial support you may be entitled to
  • Other tasks such as running errands, collecting parcels and shopping, pet care and school runs etc
  • DBS Certified

Please get in touch if you don’t see what you’re looking for or have any questions.